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Sonia Serrano

Hemingway Art Exhibition

Publié le 2 Décembre 2014 par S.Serrano

Celebrating 25 years of the twinning partnership between Oxford and Grenoble this exhibition features six distinguished artists who live and work in the French city of Grenoble: Virginia Alfonso, AGNE, Martine Chaperon, Jean-Pierre Malandrino, Markus Nine and Sonia Serrano.

Organised with the Oxford-Grenoble Association with the support of Oxford City Council.



Hemingway Art Exhibition Hemingway Art Exhibition
Hemingway Art Exhibition Hemingway Art Exhibition

Only at Hemingway Art is Sonia Serrano’s latest work Windows, who says the inspiration for her work is highly personal. She adopts the effect created by mashrabiyas: Arabic screens. She uses lace as a stencil to build up depth and rhythmic geometric patterns, through which only fragments of the images behind them can be seen.

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